Looking to plan your next launch like a pro?

Launch like a legend with my DIY Your Launch course!

I know what it’s like – I really do.

You have a great idea for a product or service and you know that it can really help your ideal clients with a problem that they have.

It’s a brilliant idea and you’ve got to get it out there. But right now you have blank page syndrome and it’s driving you crazy.

If only you had a clear plan and a set of step-by-step instructions to help you to work out how to launch your amazing idea to your superfans…

Imagine having a clear roadmap of your launch, complete with reminders, recommendations, templates and swipe files ready for you to plug and play.

And so you can, with my DIY Your Launch Course and Workflow.

If you're still wondering whether creating an online course is right for you, let me lay it all out for you...

Benefits to your business:

  • More money – having an additional revenue stream will help you to earn more money in your business
  • Improve your authority – a well-structured course can help to build your business brand authority
  • Passive income – once the hard work has been done and your course has been created and launched, you can earn money whilst you sleep! Imagine that!
  • Lead generation – offering a course that is lower cost than some of your done-for-you services enables people to come into your world for a lower cost and makes them more likely to purchase from you again
  • Cost effective – online courses are a relatively cost effective form of revenue for your business and can be easily updated/added to when required

Benefits to your life:

  • Improved lifestyle – the income from an online course will give your earnings a lovely boost!
  • More time to focus on what you want to – whether it’s build your business or take Fridays off, having the income from an online course can help you to achieve that
  • Work/life balance – imagine being able to relax during the school holidays, knowing that you can reduce the amount of client work you do without missing out on income
  • Peace of mind – knowing that you have a constant source of income from sales of an online course can be an incredible relief

Hi, I'm Jenny - a Launch & Funnel Strategist

I’ve worked with loads of women just like you who have fantastic businesses, but who still feel like they are missing a key part of their business offers.

I’m passionate about helping other business owners to grow their passive income, and always go the extra mile to help in creating an offer that will really connect with their ideal clients and take their business income to the next level.

My background is in communications and executive assistance, which means I am meticulous about messaging, but also methodical and organised, loving structure and plans.

I love supporting other ambitious female business owners, and I can’t wait to help you.

Introducing DIY Your Launch!

Launch like a legend

What you can expect from DIY Your Launch...

  • Unlimited access to my online training course and step-by-step guide (worth £300)
  • Reusable templates to ensure your emails and sales pages have all the key info for maximum success (worth £150)
  • Swipe files to help you beat the dreaded blank page syndrome (worth £150)
  • Social media post suggestions and schedule (worth £100)
  • Tried and tested plan and structure to help you achieve the launch of legends!

Because I understand that everyone has different needs, budgets and requirements, I have made a range of packages to offer. I hope that one will suit you…

Stress-free buying...

Whilst I’m sure that you will love my DIY Your Course package, all courses are refundable within 14 days of purchase (subject to terms and conditions).

Let's talk about the bonuses...

My DIY Your Course programme is already jam-packed with useful goodies… however, I’m feeling generous so I’ve decided to throw in a few more (and they’re awesome!)

    • Social media masterclass on creating winning posts to elevate your launch by a Social Media Manager
    • Nail your sales copy with top tips from an expert Copywriter
    • Master your mindset with the bonus meditation from a practising Hypnotherapist
    • Asana launch plan – this will create your entire launch plan for you so you can easily manage it from the app (works with free version of Asana)
    • Week-by-week journal to use alongside your launch plan. You can use this journal to jot down your learns, ideas for your next launch, or even notes on how you are feeling about each stage of the launch
    • 20% code for use on all templates in my online shop
    Jenny sitting on a desk

    Sound good? I hope you'll join me.

    Why now?

    There’s never been a better time to learn how to launch an online course.

    The eLearning industry has grown 900% since 2000, and is set to grow even more by 2030.


    Do I need to have a course already written?

    Not necessarily, although it would definitely help if you had a clear idea of what you wanted to create and share with your ideal clients.

    What if it's not for me. Can I get a refund?

    You can get a refund within 14 days of purchase, subject to terms and conditions.

    How long will it take me?

    The course is largely based on a 12 week launch plan, but it could be reduced to 8 if necessary.

    Of course if you want to take your time and do parts of this over a longer period, that would also be ok.

    I don't want to launch a course. Does the launch plan work for other things such as memberships?

    Yes it does. We refer to courses so much because I had to pick one thing to talk about in the examples. The plan and advice will also work for launching memberships, services etc.

    Jenny has saved me hours of time that I can use for other areas of my business! Lead magnets, email sequences, copywriting, courses … she can do it all!

    Jess Samson

    Blooming Social Media

    You have totally nailed the tone, content and style. I’m so impressed – all without me actually writing the copy! They’re amazing!

    Faye Dicker

    Freelance Mum

    Jenny has a strong work ethic and a dedication to exceeding expectations.

    Kevin Barrett

    Kevin Barrett Consultants